And you thought the WebOS era is over? Not yet! Today we have delightful news for you:

  1. An HP Insider told us yesterday, September 20th, 2011 around 6pm, that approximately 10,000 Palm/HP Pre 3 units exist locked to AT&T

  2. On Engadget, one of these units leaked and pictures are shown below

palm pre 3 locked to at&t

The HP Insider did not say anything about the number of Touch Pad units locked to AT&T but nonetheless, the number will perhaps be similar. We assume that these production batches were made before WebOS devices were announced to be discontinued. When we received the E-Mail, we replied to ask whether the Pre 3 will come to market in some type of Limited Edition form but the secret man has not responded. Looking at the device, I must say I get excited:

at&t palm pre locked

Not enough proof yet? Look at the imprint on the back of the phone:

palm pre 3 usa


Immediately, I asked all of my trusted phone trader contacts to see whether a Pre 3 is available. I will get two units soon and will add the model to the Palm Pre Unlocker software line up