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If you get the Enter Unblock Code error message on your HP Pre 3 phone, it means that someone entered too many wrong unlock codes into the phone and as a result it is completely blocked. But that's typically if the phone owner has done so. 

It was reported to us that some of the brand new and unopened Pre 3 phones, which were purchased directly at an HP store, came with this error message to begin with and it is not clear why.

If HP made the mistake, they should solve the problem. We were told by customers that they called HP to ask for another unlock code but they did not have a correct code available. Our customers were left with a blocked phone after the store was closed down. No good. 

how to unblock and unlock pre 3 

Cell phone manufacturers typically don't like to see unlocking companies, such as PalmUnlocker, remove the lock from the phone. But now it is us who is solving the problem caused by HP. Let's help you out:

How To Remove The Enter Unblock Code Error And Unlock The HP Pre 3


  1. Activate Pre 3 with original SIM card or use a tool called Impostah (works for Pre 3 too).
  2. Make sure that the phone is unlockable by doing the free HP Pre 3 unlock check.
  3. Do the real unlocking with a registration code for the Pre 3.
  4. Repeat the unlocking procedure two or three times with the exact same registration code but add the word ",unblock" behind it. So if your registration code is HHGGFRSH325433, the second (or third time if required), use HHGGFRSH325433,unblock.
  5. PalmUnlocker's HP Pre 3 Unlocker will now remove the Enter Unblock Code error. 
  6. Insert non original SIM card and enter the Pre 3 unlock code. If the phone asks for a PIN, first enter the SIM card's PIN or use a SIM card that doesn't need a PIN. In the same screen, enter the unlock code after you entered the PIN.

In case you have missed to enter the unlock code on your Pre 3 and the phone doesn't ask anymore for it, use this fix:

  1. Click on the phone icon in the notification area and select Emergency Call.
  2. Enter #*3386633# OR #*3386699# and press the green phone icon (it spells out #*DEVMODE# using phone letters).
  3. Wait, and the phone will ask if you want to enter Dev Mode. Select Dev Mode ON, and wait for the phone to reboot.
This will force your phone to ask for the unlock code again. Enter the code and your Pre 3 is unlocked.

Friends at wrote a great review about how to unlock the HP Veer using our unlock code generator. For the review, we sponsored a white HP Veer phone and I must say that the unlock guide turned out to be exactly what I was hoping for: It answers every question about how to unlock the HP Veer.

Unlock Your HP Veer Cheaper

Read the review until the end and you'll find a coupon code to get $5 off the regular price. You can use the coupon for the HP Veer Unlock Code service. After you made your payment with PayPal or a credit/debit card, you will be taken back to the website to enter the coupon code. Once done, complete the payment and you'll get the discount automatically deducted from your payment.

Do you have more than one HP Veer you want unlocked? E-Mail and let me know how many phones you have so that we'll figure out a good deal for you!

Just a few days ago, we were tipped by an HP Insider that around 10,000 Pre 3 phones had been manufactured and locked to AT&T. The only way to get these is to buy them from an Insider. And low and behold there is one hanging out at the PreCentral Forum's Marketplace. He says he can unlock them too but maybe you should negotiate a lower price for a locked version and just unlock it with our new Pre 3 Unlocker. We've also seen the locked version on eBay.

unreleased at&t pre 3

We got our hands on one of these super rare units and herewith proudly launch our new HP Pre 3 unlock software:

unlock pre 3
Don't wait one bit if you want this unreleased phone! It is rare and limited to around 10,000 phones. Once you received your beloved Pre 3 locked to AT&T, start unlocking it at the link below:

Are you still hoping to see new WebOS devices coming to market? I sure do. Do you belong to one of the many insanely loyal followers of the Pre community? I must admit that as a long-term Palm tweaker and phone fanatic, I was nearly heart broken to see HP say bye to what has caused me to spend endless nights of creating services that helps people make more of their phone....for example unlocking it

Meg Whitman, former eBay CEO, takes over HP. WebOS's future is still murky but it's enlightening news nonetheless. In fact, it makes me so excited that I shall propose my wishes to Meg.


Dear Meg, here's what loyal Pre users wish for: 


To-do List For New HP CEO Whitman:

  • Launch WebOS 4.0 as the fastest mobile OS in the market. Compete on speed.

  • Launch hardware that isn't a generation behind the iPhones and Androids.

  • Launch Pre 4: Keep the arc, expand screen size to 4.7inch, implement multiple-core processors, 2 cameras, allow free calls over Wifi between Palm/HP devices, launch crazy colors

What do you think? Tell me about your to-do list for Meg Whitman below:

And you thought the WebOS era is over? Not yet! Today we have delightful news for you:

  1. An HP Insider told us yesterday, September 20th, 2011 around 6pm, that approximately 10,000 Palm/HP Pre 3 units exist locked to AT&T

  2. On Engadget, one of these units leaked and pictures are shown below

palm pre 3 locked to at&t

The HP Insider did not say anything about the number of Touch Pad units locked to AT&T but nonetheless, the number will perhaps be similar. We assume that these production batches were made before WebOS devices were announced to be discontinued. When we received the E-Mail, we replied to ask whether the Pre 3 will come to market in some type of Limited Edition form but the secret man has not responded. Looking at the device, I must say I get excited:

at&t palm pre locked

Not enough proof yet? Look at the imprint on the back of the phone:

palm pre 3 usa


Immediately, I asked all of my trusted phone trader contacts to see whether a Pre 3 is available. I will get two units soon and will add the model to the Palm Pre Unlocker software line up

Did you enter too many wrong unlock codes into your HP Veer phone in hope you would hit the right code and have the device unlocked for use with any SIM card?

No good! Now the phone is not only still locked but also blocked completely. Not even standard features such as call and text will work anymore. Fortunately there is an easy solution to repair the unlock code counter. If your Veer is blocked, you should see the Enter Unblock Code message appear on the display:

unblock hp veer


How to Unblock Your HP Veer


To reset the code counter back to the original number of attempts, all you need to do is to apply PalmUnlocker's HP Veer Unlocker two times (but you only have to pay one time of course):

  1. Test the phone for free whether it is "unlockable". Downloading the software here.

  2. Do the real unlock with a registration code to use the software

  3. Repeat the unlock with the same registration code but add the word ",unblock" behind it. For example, if your registration code is called ABCDEFGHIJ, then the second time you would use ABCDEFGHIJ,unblock. You might have to repeat the procedure a few times until it is fully unblocked.

That's it. Now your HP Veer is unblocked as well as unlocked. The code counter is set back to zero, the SIM lock on the phone is removed, and you can start using the SIM card of your choice.

Due to HP's Veer fire sale, the cell phone market is now flooded with AT&T locked units. This is great because it gives end-users the chance to get a serious discount on a super 4G phone even after adding the price for unlocking. And if you are a phone seller, this will certainly raise your income if you act fast and request wholesale prices by contacting us at

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